You deserve to feel worthy. But sometimes you don’t, eh?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself WHY you feel that way? Why don't you feel worthy to have what it is you desire? Do you ever wonder why you let self-doubt and self-judgement seep in and drown your desire or your dream?

Perhaps you do not think about it at all. Maybe you just unconsciously agree with the thought of “I am not worthy” and keep moving along. Unconsciously numbing yourself to the joys life wants to bestow upon you, you live on auto-pilot? Acting and reacting like you always have.

OUCH. It doesn’t feel so good when you lay it out like that, does it?

For a long time, I went mindlessly along. I listened to the chatter in my head and accepted it as truth. After a lot of self reflection and growth (not always the comfy kind) I began to be open to the idea that almost EVERYONE gets such thoughts in their head at least some of the time. Yes, some people hear them more than others.

What makes one person feel worthy and go for it while another lets the dream go by?

CHOICE. It simply comes down to a matter of choice. You get to decide you are worthy to be seen. You are worthy to be heard. You are worthy to own your greatness.


Sounds so easy, right? Too good to be true?

Part of it is easy, if we let it be. And it is true. No doubt about it, pain or old wounds may surface in the process. That’s where having a coach, counselor or bestie comes in handy. We all need support. Sometimes we need specialized support to move through thought blocks. I know I did.

But even without direct support we can start to tune into the other voices in our head, the ones that whisper from our heart. The ones that say “You can do it”. “You are worthy”. “ “I got this”. Challenge yourself to listen to those voices and dismiss the icky ones.

Whatever we focus on we get. Everything is a choice.

We can CHOOSE to focus on the worthwhile thoughts and ignore the others.

WHY? Because you are so worthy of having a beautiful, abundant, peaceful and glorious life. That’s why. If you don’t believe it, here are 3 things you can do to help you get start believing it.

  1. Get out your journal and write down all the reasons you think you are not worthy of something.

Counter intuitive right? I invite you to try it anyway.

Now. Imagine there is a child in front of you, your own child perhaps. Read that list out loud to him/her as if you were telling that child how unworthy she is. Feel how much more difficult it is to say those defeating words to someone else, especially an innocent, smiling, trusting open child. Feel the difference?

What would you say to that child instead? You’d probably be a lot more encouraging and compassionate, wouldn't you? Yeah, me too.

Now imagine you are that child. Talk to your younger self like you would have loved to have been spoken too. Tell her how strong she is, how intelligent, how courageous. Tell her how worthy she is of all good things. Wrap your arms around her and tell her how much you love her and how worthy she is of happiness and success. Now how do you feel? Remember that feeling and draw upon it when you are feeling a bit less than.

  1. Start to value who you are and what you have to offer the world.

You’ve heard it before, but now it is time to start embodying it and believing in it. You are unique. Only you can share your special blend of gifts with the world.

Give yourself permission to OWN IT! The world needs what only you can offer. Maybe the idea of the world needing it is too big for you right now. Scale down, own the fact that you, your family and your community need the gifts you have to offer. You can go global later if that suits you.

Here’s a little reminder.

“Your self-worth is a service to humanity”

~Danielle Laporte, The Desire Map

  1. Think back to a time when you did feel worthy of going after something. Take a moment. Place your hands over your heart and inhale slowly. Exhale. Continue in this space until you access a time of worthiness. When you get there, remember how you felt after you took action. Even if things didn't pan out exactly as you desire. Capture the feeling of what it is like to take the step, to speak your truth, or to go for it because you felt all in and in your flow.

Right it down. And remember the feelings of freedom, liberation, empowerment, fulfillment, happiness, pride. Whatever it was that made you feel good. Remember it. That feeling is only a breath or a thought away and you can access it anytime.

These are the feelings you can choose to focus on instead of feeling unworthy or doubting who you are. Harness your inner wisdom and let it guide you on your journey. You get to choose how you feel, right now in this moment, each and every day.

I invite you to choose worthiness.

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