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You are here today because you have reached a crossroad. You’ve decided that you have had enough. You are done struggling...Sick of settling...And tired of doing things the way they should be done.

You desire so much more out of this life. You want more time to enjoy yourself. You require more flexibility and freedom to pursue the work of your heart. You yearn for deeper, more meaningful relationships. It’s so close.

"To Know Thyself Is the Beginning Of Wisdom"

You Feel It

You are on the precipice of change. 
You feel pulled by something you just can’t put your finger on. 
The call is getting louder and harder to ignore. 
I feel you, ready to answer, to jump, wanting to fly. 
But you hesitate and you don’t even know why.
Brave heart, you have forgotten who you really are.


Seriously, right now you are perfectly poised: teetering at the edge.
It is the best time to step into the art of self-mastery.
You don’t have to jump alone. I’ve got you.
You may not trust that yet, and that’s okay. I understand. Taking the leap can feel scary.
But I promise you, if you take that first step I will guide you.

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Let me tell you a secret...

This work is not for everyone. If you do not have the heart of a warrior and the soul of a seeker, it’s probably not for you. If you don’t hear the whisper of truth somewhere inside you, telling you that it is time, I suggest you stop reading. I am likely not the coach you need now.

I will:

  • Lovingly guide you.
  • Hold you accountable.
  • Honor you and your process.
  • Remind you how to ground and fly.
  • Show you how to land on your feet.
  • Witness your story as you release it.
  • Invite you to look at life through a new lens.
  • Dance with you as you surrender your inhibitions.
  • Share practices, nuances and heart that support you.


Together,  we will work from the inside out.  Let's strip away everything you don’t need any more. Get rid of all the thoughts, teachings and programming that dare holding you back.  

Really know yourself, the real you.  ReEnvision and ReCreate a life of Passion and Purpose.
learn my process


You have fumbled and stumbled alone in the dark for too long. You have probably worked with other healers, coaches or therapists and may be thinking how is this going to be any different? I’m guessing you’ve dabbled in meditation, yoga and all the so-called spiritual stuff.

You think you have failed miserably at manifesting. All the shiny objects seem dull after a while and you may even feel like shattering them, while wondering “WTF? What am I doing wrong?” It’s all a little foggy still.
Perhaps you thought the person you worked with was to blame. They were not good enough. They did not know what they were doing. They sold you something that doesn’t work. Maybe that’s all true. There are a lot of smoke and mirrors out there. Yet, I can almost guarantee you that you learned something about yourself in the process. And ultimately that is the goal, to know thyself, isn’t it?
Together, let's clear the fog. Wipe down the mirror. Hone your vision. The spectacular view from the other side is waiting for you.


I know you want to land with 2 feet on the ground. It hurts when we don’t. But it happens. We’ve got to learn to lick our wounds and rest. Honor and grieve what we’ve been through. Release it all and rebuild our strength. Maybe even rewire our entire system.


Because if you are anything like me, I know you have been through a lot in your life. You may have survived serious trauma, perhaps more than once. Maybe you’ve been so misunderstood that the ripple effect wreaked havoc and caused deep pain in the lives of those you love. Maybe you’ve witnessed horrific things you cannot unsee. It’s hard. It shaped you, but it does not have to define you.


You need some guidance; someone you can trust. You’ve been seeking, hoping, vetting people. Trust me, if you are still reading, you’ve been drawn to the right place. I have learned to not just navigate it but see clearly in the dark.


The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. 

To know clearly who we are at our core is to master our energy, our thoughts, and our emotions. 

Will you take that first step with me?

Kind Words

Denae R.
“I am more aware of and more confident since working with Kat.”
Kat was able to target and key in on what I have come to learn is one of my weakest and most problematic areas, the inability to love and take care of myself consistently.  I am so fortunate to have been guided to this so that I can dive deeper into myself.  Being aware of this area of myself makes me more open now to healing it.

Of all the therapy I’ve gone through, working with Kat was made the most difference and I made the most progress.
There is no doubt in my mind that this woman will have a significant impact on the women who call her  their coach.  Kat will impact everyone she comes in contact with.  I enjoyed and benefited from our sessions.  I appreciate what you have done for me.
“ With her gentle support, I was able to trust myself to make the best decision for me.”
I found Kat's coaching style to be very understanding and supportive. Kat allowed me to vent when I just wanted to scream out in my childlike wounded energy. I knew that it was a safe loving environment and I would not be judged by that. By giving me some insight into her personal experiences, I found that we had a lot in common, therefore she was able to give me appropriate advice without making a bid to rescue me.

Kat also gave me space to get grounded with her calming meditations which I loved, they took me straight to my centre where I found that I actually knew the answers to my own problems. Thanks to Kat's coaching, I was able to release tensions and have a few valuable moments of clarity. I now recognise I am worth investing in and that awareness is priceless in itself.
Sally H
Karen A
“I realized how I have lost my identity and trust in others."
At a higher level I felt so safe to speak freely with Kat and knew in my heart she was there to listen without judgment and guide me to awareness. I could feel it in my soul. My entire body was shaking with release!  I realized I am much stronger/smarter than I give myself credit for.  I have a voice and a message that needs to be heard. 

I realized I need a strong support system, a sister/women earth guide  that I align with that I can be a partner with to explore my feelings and ideas safely.  it instilled in me that I am the sum of all my parts – I can’t just pick and choose or pretend parts don’t matter. Bless you for all you did in such a short time. One day I hope to be able to help people as you helped me! 
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About Katryn

Katryn Rose, formerly known as Kat Moulton has Re-invented and Re-visioned her own life.   She believes we are all on an evolutionary path and sometimes a name change reflects where we are on our journey as our vibration shifts.

Katryn works to help you shift your energy and nourish what matters most - to you. She offers individual coaching programs and workshops to help you master your mindset and emotions, get clear, “raise your brave,” and create your desires. 

Her signature program, "Kreatrix Energy", helps you remember who you really are. This path of self-mastery guides you to unlearn, unlock and unleash for true embodiment of your life force energy.

Katryn draws on her background and education in history, health and wellness, and healing. She is a certified master coach and a certified health and wellness coach, and is trained in various therapies such a Reiki, Massage therapy, Polarity therapy, Holistic Health Coaching, Master Empowerment Life Coaching.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions that I get from women who are interested in working with me. Click on the question to show the answer. 

Is there a difference between Coaching & Therapy?

YES. Coaching is not therapy yet it can be very healing.
Often therapy is more focused on the past. Coaching on the other hand is more future forward. It supports you to create clarity about your present and future and holds you accountable while.

What makes your work different?

I create a safe sacred for you to open up and share your story without judgement if you feel the need. The process is to witness and release it. Our stories shape who we are. I have felt frustrated by the folks that tell us our story does not matter. It matters, yet it need not define you. We focus on energetic clearing rather than continually rehashing and dissecting the experiences so you can shift the energy move forward in alignment, integrity and confidence.

Do you ever refer to other practitioners?

YES I do. I am exceptional at what I do, but I understand that depending on where you're at in your journey or how our energy melds together that you may benefit from a different type of service, be it traditional therapy, other styles of coaching, healing or guidance.   I have a growing list of talented people I can refer you to.  

Can I work with a coach and a therapist at the same time? 

Yes you can.  Sometimes it is useful to do both simultaneously.  Other times just one or the is enough depending on your needs and goals. Trust that whatever you choose is right for you.

Do You Offer Discounts or Sliding Scale Rates?

YES, If you would like my services at a reduced rate, I offer radical discounts to those who choose to pay me with Creator Coin on the Rally Network, Currently I accept $GARY & $ADHD Coin. Email me at kat@katmoulton and Put “COIN RATE” in the subject line to learn more.

How do I get started?

Yes and I am Developing more.

There is a saying “When You Pay, You Pay Attention” THere is SO MUCH TRUTH IN THAT.

However, sometimes we find ourselves in situations or circumstances when we just don’t have the cash flow and I have been there. Giving back is important. Please reach out if you are in that position.

What is Post Traumatic Growth?

Much of my work focuses on personal growth.  It has been my experience that even if we have lived through trauma or suffered from PTSD we can move beyond it in a healthy, stronger way with more vitality.  It is a mindset and choice.  With intention and good support we can step into growth and extract the gems even from adversities and life altering crises rather than staying stuck in a trauma response,  or feeling depressed, bitter or lifeless.  

What is your opinion on labels?

Get rid of them.  I understand labeling and diagnosing can be useful for grouping, categorizing and understanding things. Labeling has served a purpose  But more often it seems to pigeon hole and limit a person.  When we blindly believe a label, we may be missing out on embodying the richness and fullness of who we truly are.  

What is Trauma Dumping? 

Oversharing traumatic or difficult experiences in a repeated or unsolicited ways shared without permission, in an inappropriate place and time, and to someone who may not have had the capacity to take in this information.  It is different from venting. Venting in a safe and  appropriate space is a valuable form of releasing.  Trauma dumping can be very triggering for others.  It’s important to recognize when we do this or have others in our lives do this.