About Me

I guide women, and a few good men,
to master their energy, mindset 
and emotions to create the life changes they desire.

Who Am I?

I am a “CoHealer”, both a coach and a healer. I don’t heal people. I model, mentor and channel. I invite you to tap into the field, so you can heal yourself. My vision is for you to master yourself so you are no longer controlled subtly or overtly by thoughts of the past, fear or dominance.

We are entering a new paradigm. The world continues to shift. This beautiful, bumpy and necessary expansion is causing us real dis-ease. The Disturbia you feel is real. You feel it, don’t you? This divide and deep polarization in all sectors of our lives that depletes our energy if we aren’t deliberate with our time and choices. We need the gear, gifts and groundwork to navigate.

As outer disparity, fear and chaos grows, I invite us all to view it as an opportunity to turn inward and ground into who we are and why we are here. Sometimes that requires guidance.

I specialize in the art of self-mastery; to know yourself deeply, to connect to your source, to heal those parts of you that feel uncertain and to stand confidently in your own power.

Together let’s grant you access to:

  • Unlearn - Release fear, anger, and resistance
  • Unlock - Connect to your inner wisdom and truth
  • Unleash - Take inspired action to do what you came here to do

How would you feel with a trusted guide that had your back?

After walking my own path of self discovery, I learned to access my own inner wisdom, trust myself and my desires to lead a healthier and wealthier lifestyle not ruled by my emotions or fear, but one that embodies who I really am. I freed my heart and became the woman I was meant to be, filling my treasure chest with nurturing practices and rituals. I took the action steps I needed to recreate a life of choice.

I have found that often it helps to work with someone a bit further along the path.

My Background

My background and education are in history, health and wellness and healing.
I am a certified life coach and a certified health / wellness coach.
I have trained in various therapies including:
Massage therapy
Polarity therapy
Energy Healing
Holistic Health Coaching
Master Empowerment Coaching
I have filled my self-care treasure chest with gems for self-reflection, growth, and healing; the same gems I will share with you on your journey.  I have deep reverence for the truth.  I will invite you to tap into the energy of your heart...the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy for transformation and expansion.

Do you hear the call to stand up and stand out?
Are you ready to answer that call?

I offer individual coaching and workshops to help you get clear, “raise your brave,” and channel your passions to pursue your purpose. I want to see you complete your mission. I guide and support you as you reconnect with your intuition, learn to make quick, clear decisions, trust your instincts, and feel more confident to step into your calling.
You are your greatest masterpiece. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you while you master your energy, mindset and emotions. It is your time. Devote yourself to unbecome everything that is not you and be the powerful, deliberate creator that I know you are.

Answer The Call From Within

Let’s work together to shift your energy and nourish what matters most - to you.
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