Spiritual Teacher. Thought Leader. Intuituve Consultant.

Purpose-driven high achievers with brilliant minds and tortured souls hire me to help them get out of their heads and into their hearts to experience peace and joy while navigating the darker times of life and business.  I specialize in Self-Mastery: synthesizing ancient wisdom, and frequency medicine with lived experience.

As a healing catalyst, I have earned a Ph.D. in Life’s Earth School. I know what it takes to transform lives and relationships. Having lived through sexual assault, medical misdiagnosis, PTSD, post-partum depression, and multiple food allergies due to chronic mold and carbon monoxide exposure, I understand suffering and loss. I teach others to turn those emotions into power and purpose.

Raised in an alcoholic and controlling home, I repeated the pattern of co-dependence until I left the toxicity to heal on a deeper level. I have three non-neurotypical young adult children and two adult stepsons. I relate to family dynamics from the inside out. I guide clients to communicate better and become more authentic in their relationships with friends, family, and business.

I have seen extreme darkness in people and situations. Some for years at a stretch! I have come out victorious every time, and with every situation I focus on the lessons inside the experience,

My mission in life is to help those who go through inexplicable cycles of darkness, without being able to communicate or being heard – so they emerge victorious and find joy in life.

How would you feel with a trusted guide that had your back?

Only a person who has seen, experienced and played with darkness in ones life for many, many years – will understand another person who is going through these cycles.
Sometimes people just need to be understood. It is so, so, so hard to find authentic humans who can relate to a pain and simply hear a person out, hold their hands and share their experiences. Tears have meaning, and so does authentic friendship. I aspire to be an exceptional guide for my clients when they are swimming in deep inexplicable darkness of life – in love, relationships, business failure, guilt, shame and loss.

I have found that often it helps to work with someone a bit further along the path.

I have trained in Various Modalities Including:

Master Empowerment Coaching
Holistic Health Coaching
Massage therapy
Polarity therapy
Energy Healing
I have been immersed in learning Jungian Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Western Hermetic Philosophy, and World Religions, as well as studying contemporary channels such as Kryon and Paul Selig to bring a unique view of Practical Spirituality for those seeking growth professionally and personally in unique ways that honor their individual quest for freedom and fulfillment.

I host the show "Kreatrix.TV" on the Win-Win Women's Network that airs on RokuTV and other platforms to empower women around the globe. 
With over 100 weekly episodes Since November of  2022 You can check out the Library HERE.

I am honored to be a Partner with Project Eternity, a unique and elite collaborative Ecosystem that solves Evolutionary problems in the Age of AI. 

For almost 3 years I hosted regular talks on Clubhouse. My main focus is Energy Healing, Practical Spirituality and Mindset Mastery. I supported the Energy of Series and Archetypes talks with Kristin Lemaster, Sandra Orndorff, and Murad Maj. 

As a former Co-Host of the Spiritual Podcast "The Quantum Shift," I look forward to more podcasting ventures.

Do you hear the call to stand up and stand out?
Are you ready to answer that call?

I offer individual and group Coaching so you can answer that call. 

Let's reconnect you with your intuition so you can learn to:

 Make quick, clear decisions.

Trust your instincts.

 Feel more confident.

Communicate Better.

You are your greatest masterpiece. 
It is your time. Devote yourself to being the powerful, deliberate creator that I know you are.

Answer The Call From Within

Let’s work together to shift your energy and nourish what matters most - to you.
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