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Angela S.
"More women need to know that it is ok to ask for help, and be kind to yourself."
I had to recognize and finally accept I was not alright. The previous year brought the worst trauma and sadness I could have imagined. And, it happened so swiftly, one right after the other. When Covid hit, I just wanted to give up. I was pretty much checked out of 2020 and life in general.

Our first conversation led to some amazing, powerful sessions in weeks to come. Not only did I feel comfortable opening up to Kat, I was able to. I was finally ready to make a change, I decided to take this plunge into a new life during a pandemic that basically was shutting the world down.

I don't want to say it was the accountability you held me to, to create my own change, or a particular conversation that made me shift gears, I think it was the exercises you taught me to do. One particularly was so releasing. For the first time in my life, at 45, my brain slowed down and I realized the shocking truth - I was living with no intent. Everything was for the kids, or just to get through the day and make sure the bills were paid. Where was the intent? What was intent?

Between the exercises, my meditation practice and the positive light you carry Kat,  it was that much easier to say, “I am just going to do it. For Me.” And, I am doing it. I am so much happier, despite Covid changing our lives temporarily, I took the bad and turned it into good! I had time to reflect and figure what intent meant for me! Most of all, I learned to find solace in some of the tragedies endured in 2019.

Kat, is meant for this work - she helps others figure out themselves. Anyone who works with her is most fortunate and I can't thank her enough. I feel like I am living now.
"Allow Kat to bless you with her gifts, her wisdom, and tender heart, as she did for me."
I have had the pleasure to work with Kat Moulton in several
Capacities; in a workshop setting, one on one (coaching
work) and also with hands on healing (massage/body work).
Kat is an exceptional human being. She is a warm, compassionate and nurturing practitioner and when you need it, she will challenge you and your belief systems. She asks questions to help clarify and flush out what is really going on, what you really want and then helps you identify the next steps on your journey.
She holds space and presence which allows you to show up just as you are in the moment. This is a quality many wholistic practitioners do not possess and are not able to offer to their clients.  
More recently, I had an issue I was trying to work out.  I was stuck in seeing an outcome in a particular way.  Kat asked me some tough questions which challenged me and she shared a similar experience she went through herself.  After carefully thinking things through and releasing some of my old stories around the situation, I was able to take a chance on an opportunity that has been very beneficial for me.  I know for a fact that had I not consulted with Kat about this particular issue, I would have missed out on a great opportunity.
Allow Kat to bless you with her gifts, her wisdom, and tender heart, as she did for me.  

Daria G.
“I had more clarity about what I wanted, I could focus better.”
Kat has a real gift for making people feel comfortable, at ease, even at their most vulnerable. Many of us are stuck, but the world doesn't allow us to admit it, never mind talk about it with others. Kat was able to ask me the right questions, hear the right things, and move me to a place where I could feel excited moving  forward with choices I made in my life.  She had great ideas and suggestions, tools to help me get, and stay, on track.
The very first meditation Kat walked me through helped me permanently release my inner drill sergeant.  I did some serious emotional cleansing during our time together.  I was able to release so much hurt and anger I carried towards my mother.  I felt so much more empowered and free to be me.”
Kelley J.
Julie R.
"I became aware how keyed up and closed off I become."
Kat was very warm and supportive and pulled me up. The energy cleanse/grounding has continued to benefit me. I felt lighter, calmer, uplifted and the good feelings from that have continued to increase my overall feelings of well-being. 

Kat gently reminded me to step back, look at myself.  Now, I feel much more together and  in-control.  I gained a new perspective by stepping back, it gave me that insight to handle a personal challenge in my life.

Kat is awesome at guided visualizations. Sometimes, I drift off point during those, but with Kat, I  was able to stay right with her. I gained clarity from the experience.

“I was able to be honest with myself and others after working with Kat... She helped me shift through all of my disjointed thoughts.”
I got a great help from Kat getting over my fear of failing. I was able to begin to trust myself again and be able to look at myself in the mirror without feeling ashamed because I had not done enough.

Kat helped me connect with myself and my inner child.  Through her being so truly authentic, she has inspired me to be authentic myself.  Kat gets it. I was able to  identify the message I need to deliver to the world, LOVE.  She taught me to F.L.Y. "First Love Yourself”,  that is my biggest life lesson. I was able to  uncover  my real self and to get on my path again.  I am thrilled to get to know myself better, see the light, starting to allow my true self to come out and shine.

Using the tools Kat offered I felt a huge positive difference in my body and mind.  I learned it is much more important to nourish your mind and the body will follow. Kat is an amazing woman and  helped me personally so much. I am so grateful that our angels brought us together.
Unnur F.
Danielle D.
“She really helped me be more compassionate towards myself and my husband."
 I felt more in my heart, more supported and more feminine after working with Kat. I felt softer and that I could be powerful in my gentleness. I love, love, love the way she coached me.

 “Kat gave me the freedom to express myself fully.”
She led me to find my own answers and to access my own wisdom in regards to the issues in my life that were concerning me. I would highly recommend working with Kat to move forward in your life and to realize your goals. I found Kat to be an exceptionally compassionate coach who is without judgment.
Iris Z.

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Kristen M.
Kat gives you the tools you need to be brave in a way you didn't think was possible. She has helped me redefine what it means to have courage and allowed me to become a bold presence in my own life.
"Together we came up with a game plan for me to get what my ultimate desires were…”
At the time I met Kat, I was feeling very frustrated and out of sorts with the focus of my life.  I needed a 3rd party who would listen to my story, assess and guide me and offer suggestions that I could use to take actions to move on with the issues in my life.  Together, we developed a realistic timeline for me to accomplish the goals that I needed to achieve.  Thank you Kat for your professionalism and your spot on intuition!

Jill M.
Jaci P.
“Kat helped me to realize what was holding me back. She helped me to recognize that I was in such DENIAL of how I was treating MYSELF!!”
I remember the day when I posted asking for a coach to help me through some confusion I was experiencing. In all honesty I had my fingers crossed that Kat would answer my call. I was blessed with my coaching sessions with Kat. I knew that I had to uncover what was underneath all of the confusion.  
At the time of my coaching with Kat I was having thyroid problems Kat helped me to recognize that as well as the physical aspects that in my throat it was also myself not being able to "speak" my truth, say what I needed in my life. Kat supported me in this healing.

She shared her own experiences of throat issues. I always felt that I was so loved by Kat that I could and still can be so truthful with her. I have no more thyroid problems. Yes, I have nutritional support yet I know that the healing began with my coaching with Kat. She helped me to feel that my voice needs to be heard.

Not only has my health improved immensely, my relationships with my family are FABULOUS!!!! I am now able to speak my truth in the most clear, loving way. I am forever grateful for the coaching I had with Kat and feel so incredibly blessed she is in my life.

Love you, Jaci
“I learned that it's vital to incorporate self-care practices in order to feel less frazzled.”
After participating in Kat’s group program, I have become more conscious of the importance of daily meditation, drinking water in the morning, and moving my body. I love how Kat included meditations, visualizations, poems, the use of angel cards, and many ideas for great self-care practices. I really enjoy Kat’s voice and also the way she shared personal stories on the calls. I loved the group's energy and the feeling that "we're all in this together." It's so valuable to be reminded that it's important to put ourselves as priorities first; we MUST fill ourselves up in order to keep giving, which as moms, we're always doing! I've learned to apply the idea of ”nourishing” myself in many more aspects of my life. Kat has made it not only doable, but what's truly inspiring is that she's already done it herself.
Elisia B.
Vanessa M.
“She helped me work through an amazing breakthrough in my coaching practice.”
I loved our coaching session and have gotten so much out of it!  I met Kat on a fantastic course called The Art of Becoming a Coach.  I had been feeling stuck and not able to move forward freely in my coaching business and getting things done with consistent action and determination. I was overthinking everything as most of us are when we are in fear. Fear as Kat showed me is False Evidence Appearing Real. That was the key to separate me from my blocks and limiting beliefs.

 Kat so sensitively and intuitively connected me to a past experience. Connecting to that event anchored that feeling that I can do anything and that any business can organically unfold and evolve.  I was able to list all the things that I bring to the table as a coach! 
"Kat’s 7 step awaken your courage system helped me understand that the biggest challenge is not having fears but facing them."
 At times, it is too tempting staying on a safe path and postponing or even rejecting to deal with fears and moving beyond them. Fears will always be part of my life but courage is the key – this is my biggest take away from my work with Kat.
Sonia L.

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Yola A.
"Since working with Kat, I am more at peace and able to face my fears with greater awareness."
Kat was able to help me connect to my inner self and become aware of my stresses and how they affected me.”

 It took years for me to get so depleted and overwhelmed with my life trials.  I am glad I chose to work with Kat long term.  With Kat’s  love, knowledge and compassion,   I am more grounded, more focused, and more in balance in many ways.   When we started I was in bad energy throughout most of the year because all the stresses. The stresses are still there but I changed my view on them.   I feel better because I now choose to deal with the stress differently.

She was able to help me feel ok to take time with myself, to detach and love without  judgement, to feel free to be me and do what is more important for me.  Most of all she helped me see my “problems” from a different angle which allowed my decisions to come with love from the heart and without expectations.  

I found I  was hanging on to excess body weight because of other people’s energy.  By giving myself permission to release other people's thoughts, opinions and expectations I began to release some of the body weight. Thank you Kat for your help. I am thankful to find you.
“I was able to express myself and shift my thinking”
We were able to find a quick solution to fix my dilemma. Didn't need to dig deep to see where the obstacle came from and solve it efficiently.  We didn't need to go on and on about my life or the life before. Kat discerned the area that needed work and started to work with it right away. 

The way Kat did it brought you in the process, participating in finding what needed to be worked at, leaving me room to express my opinion. Steering toward a healthy new thinking as well as doing a meditation that allows us to come back to our center....

I loved the tools she used to help focus for the upcoming week.  Thank you very much!

Kathleen M.
Jill B.
"I never really validated the things that came easily to me."
 Kat showed me the value of giving myself credit for everything I accomplish even the seemingly small stuff. Now I allow the pieces that “fall into place” to fuel the areas of my life that require more of my conscious attention.
After my Courage Breakthrough Session with Kat I realized I have all the knowledge within and I need to listen and ACT on it!!! I've been feeling lost for awhile and Kat offered great validation and insight on how to tap into my inner voice and to TRUST it! I felt a big shift in empowerment and courage to do what it takes and if it doesn't happen instantly that is okay that I can take my time and stick with it.  After the session I felt great and much more capable and able to handle life!
Liz L.
Amanda C.
"I felt more relaxed and focused after the breathing meditations she guided us through."
My favorite part of working with Kat in her “Nourished” Program were her mediations. Kat showed me to focus on small things that make a difference every day.  I realized that I can change my attitude to be more positive. Kat is very enthusiastic and caring; she has a lot of experience and good recommendations that allowed me to shift myself into a more positive attitude.
“I learned that nourishing myself is an essential part of being a mom and serves my whole family.”
After working with Kat in her group, I started to think about my own nourishment differently and recognized myself as I made little changes in my life.  I loved the content, the meditations, Kat’s presence and place of calm & the angel cards readings. 

Because of this group program,  I started juicing and watching my caffeine content more.  Kat embodies the word Nourish with everything she is doing.  Kat is a wonderful coach and has a very special gift of truly being with her clients so your soul feels nourished after speaking with her. 

I'm so grateful for Kat in our powerful 1 on 1 work.   Kat put any personal preferences aside, she was just truly being with me on that big decision I had to make.

Ellen N.

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Lila S.
“Our session opened me to heal layers and layers of crap from my childhood.”
The exercise Kat gave me was very healing.  I feel I may have to do it again.  I was able to connect my issues with certain types of relationships to triggers in my past.
You provided me with some awesome tools and ideas to move me forward in my business.

Thanks so much for the session. You rock!
Susan W.
Trish S.
I was so much more aware of my exact issues that I am struggling with just in this one session with Kat.  It was a huge shift to actually pinpoint it right down to why I am procrastinating and why I can so easily be triggered back to my old line of thinking.
I loved the way Kat handled the session...I felt complete trust for you and a genuine caring from her. After our session I had a discussion with someone I’d been in negotiations with.  The situation took a drastic change. 

My immediate reaction was to feel hurt and judged unfairly. I was quickly able to stop  feeling sorry for myself and decided the Universe was sending me a message that I could create a better opportunity for
Nicole C.
Bethann M.
I was tense just before our session due to a stressful situation moments before my conversation with Kat.  After speaking with Kat, I felt 100% better. 

She guided me through something concrete that I can use as a strategy to move past "stoppable" feelings.  I did feel a shift!   This gave  me a new perspective and something to think about

"My awareness shifted"

The conversation about cravings was fascinating. When Kat first brought it up I was feeling a little left out since I did not realize I craved anything. I thought cravings were mostly about food, but later I realized that I crave knowledge. Not always the typical book stuff but knowledge all the same.


“The sessions with Kat gave me more of an awareness of myself. I got more direction and focus from our time together.”

I loved the information in Kat’s group program and the 1 on 1 bonus call with Kat. I am brand new to coaching so I got a lot of information to think including self-care, setting boundaries, positive thinking. I'm working on simply drinking enough water and eating correctly and exercise. . For example, I haven't stopped the some behaviors, like food binging, but now I question them and try to understand. I realize now if I'm angry, I can stop to understand the reason before reacting. I can choose not to react. Kat gave me so much to think about, especially one word, "Empower.", Thank you.


I did not realize how depressed and stressed I really was and how it impacts me physically.”

I thought Kat’s group program was great! I enjoyed when she would talk about the different subjects. I learned most from Kat during these sessions that I need to nourish my soul and spirit first and foremost. I have started to take time each day for me. I started to incorporate Spirulina I Maca in a green smoothie every day! I appreciated the quotes she would use and wrote them down to refer back to them. I really enjoyed and realized I do not have to jump in and change everything right away, one change at a time is okay for lasting change.

-Mary C

"The Live Group calls were my favorite part!"

I discovered, I need to carve out some time for myself. Just listening to other people made me feel more connected to the outside world.


Kat helped me to see what I needed to do for some problems in my back that needed healing. She was super gentle in her approach and gave me a great message about going forward. Thank you soo much!

-Tracy M.

I had a lovely session today with Kat today! She has a very gentle energy. I got some clarity on a few challenges and she helped metabolize some icky feelings I had in my stomach! She has a great gift

-Emmy M.

I had the pleasure of working with Kat Moulton. She has a real gift for integrating energy healing and personal coaching seamlessly. Kat is very gentle, compassionate and warm. I enjoyed our session and felt held in the loving space she created.

-Sky L.

Thank you Kat Moulton for the awesome exploration of my Chakras. It focused right in on where healing was needed. It was wonderful to realign and connect with such a compassionate soul.

-Susan C.

I just blurted out all my stuff. Kat just brings that out in people. Usually when I am asked how I am I just shrug. I have used the "giving myself permission" exercise quite a bit for many different things. I like it a lot. And the mirror work, wow.

-Terry K.

Beautiful Kat, You will find it will just flow, as you said. YOU ARE NOURISHING LIVES!!!

-Maria S.

I loved the group energy and the feeling that we're all in this together. It's so valuable to be reminded that it's important to put ourselves as priorities too and that we must fill ourselves up in order to keep giving.

-Elisia B.

Holy crap, I just did some serious emotional cleansing. Still shaking...I did some letter writing as a part of an assignment given to me by my Mentor Coach Kat Moulton. Woooooooo! That is all I can say! Hmmm...synchronicity! Thank you for being there in my rawest of moments.

-Kelley J.

I am an artist. I created this amazing card last night after a great coaching call with the fabulous Kat Moulton. I am One Who nourishes my body with wholesome foods, with fresh fruits and vegetables and green juices. I am One Who is vibrantly alive with energy and vitality because I honour and love myself.

-Iris Z.

I too have been blessed to have Kat Moulton as a coach OMG she is so wonderful so much support so much love. And WOOHOO Breakthrough honey. I cried and I cried and yelled and at times sat in disbelief yet WOW it feels good to peel away the layers of SHIT is really what it is XOXOX

-Jaci P

LOVED My coaching session from Kat Moulton!! Kat! you are so talented and gifted as a coach. You really helped me move forward and acknowledge myself in so many areas: my life story, my experience in self development and you connected me with my strengths! I feel empowered, inspired and on a roll!! thanks for pushing the right buttons and the clear and simple permission statements and mirror exercise. BELIEVE MORE is my new mantra!!! you are an enlightened angel!!


I'm loving the group call. In a Starbucks listening now feeding my baby (it's kind of loud or 'd talk) and I'm drinking a super green Juice & tea INSTEAD of my latte. It’s all about choice. Thx Kat


I enjoyed today's call and I'm looking forward to this week's homework. BAM!

-Kelley L.

The meditation made me feel clean and beautiful. Thank you so much dearest Kat. I have taken a decision to live a happy and healthy life. Life Is wonderful

-Unnur F.

The meditations made me feel hopeful. Thank you!


I love the affirmation that you promote that women are so busy that they forget to take care of themselves and therefore suffer, in silence. And that is why I loved the talk on boundaries

-Lynn C.

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