Expectation vs Transformation feat. Elian Haan

This episode of  The Kreatrix Energy Show features Elian Haan

Elian started her career about 35 years ago in the fitness, wellness & holistic healing industry. Elian‘s purpose & passion has always been to create different ways to make people aware of their own physical strength and healing abilities, to teach simple and applicable functional fitness & movement and to promote a healthy, joyful, purposeful & mindful lifestyle to people of all ages.

Elian’s vision is to bring her innovative movement & healing programs and lifestyle coaching to a national audience through her WinWinWomen TV show Elian’s Joy, conventions, seminars, motivational speaking engagements, videos, podcasts, and magazine articles. Her goal is to share not just life lessons, as in her much-anticipated memoir and coaching book, but as well to excel in her efforts to change lives.

Find Elian for coaching sessions, pain management, yoga & wellness on her website and thru social media. www.elianhaan.com

In this episode, Elian shares ~

Here is a portion of the interview.


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