Mastery Tips From a Master

My Top Takeaways from the Tony Robbins / Tom Brady Ultimate Wealth & Achievement Summit

  1. Organizing your Life if Paramount

As a mom with three kids, planning to leave for a day long event with my husband does not mean for me getting up, getting myself ready and leaving.

Ahead of time I made arrangements for someone to come to the house and be with the kids and let the dogs out to pee. She did not have to really do anything for the kids, just be there and make sure my 5th grader got on the bus. More arrangements needed to be made for later, one of which should have been a food plan for the day, but I dropped the ball. Can you relate to living in chaos and benefiting from streamlining?

  1. It takes a village

My kids do not always get along well, so I made arrangements for my daughter to take the bus over to another friend's house for a few hours after school and then drop her to my house a few hours later. My oldest could watch her in the evening and hold down the fort with the dogs. That did go smoothly. I am happy to report! More steps to coordinate, tell the school, the it will all work out.

Is it really possible to navigate this life all alone?

  1. Even the Best Laid Plans Change, Be willing to ask for Help

Fortunately my 8th grader was away for his school trip to DC. that week. One less cog in the wheel to figure out that day! So I thought.

His bus was due back at 10pm that same night and we planned to pick him up. Approx 7:25pm when Tony Robbins was still going strong at an event scheduled to end at 6pm, my 9th grader texted me to let me know my 8th graders bus was due home at least 2 hours early. Stop listening to Tony, start texting other moms.

I texted another mom friend and asked if she could give him a ride home and told her why. She said yes, so that was easy.

Plans change at the last minute. Having a Village is a blessing, but it is also one that we need to take time to cultivate for ourselves. Be willing to both ask for help and offer help.

Asking for help lowers the stress when things change and they frequently do. How we react to the changes is what matters. Resources matter. Know yours.

Do you have the resources you need in your life to thrive?

  1. Pattern Interrupts are Powerful

My main intentions for that day was to connect with my husband in a different way, experience Tony Robbins Live, and perhaps get some inspiration for a business or the real estate direction we want to explore in our lives.

The hubs and I had been growing very distant over the last few years. His job lay off, over a year ago and not finding a new job has added stress and distance. Doing something really different and getting us out of our routine helped us connect. It gave us something new to talk about instead of just the kids or our “problems”. Pattern interrupts are a fantastic cure for any rut you find yourself in.

Plus we got to see Tony Robbins Live in a way that worked for our current situation. DId I mention That Mr. Robbins is masterful at his craft? Amazing. What an incredible experience for a pattern interrupt, do you think?

  1. Self Care is Vital

You could miss something if you don't practice this. I had trouble sleeping the night before. I was awake at about 4am. Got everything ready and hit the road before 6am.....a tad bit later than I planned but still early enough to park close, get there early and be ready to go for about 7am for an 8am start time.

I’m one of those people who likes to show up early. It was worth it. We parked close. When my purse was too big to bring into the event it was easy to return to the car.

I neglected to eat enough or dress warm enough for me. By 11:30 am I was famished and freezing. After two rounds of “Live Infomercials” that followed Bethenny Frankel, I needed to warm up and eat. Soup sounded divine. The short line took so long because each salad was being made to order. When we got back inside we’d missed most of Marcus Lemonis talk. I was bummed 2 fold, You could tell how powerful it was when we walked in the room and he was not selling you a product. I knew if I had eaten more substantially earlier, even though I was not hungry I would not have missed it.

Oh well, lesson learned. Bethenny Frankel said it best earlier that morning when she talked about the “Million Dollar Pee”. You know when you go to these type of things and you miss the most important info that could have launched your million dollar idea just because you had to pee and left to go to the bathroom? That could possibly have been my MIllion Dollar cup of Soup. I’ve decided it was not and the bonding time with my husband was worth it. At least that’s the story I’m going with!

  1. Sales Funnels Work

In my coaching practice, I had not mastered the art of sales funnels. It hampered my business. But Holy Wow Batman they do work. A week before we went to this seminar, I said to my husband, “You know, this is a sales pitch to get us to buy more stuff don't you?” He really had no idea what I was talking about. I was the one who signed us up for this event and he was a good sport to play along.

The Headline Speakers were not directly selling you into anything. But the other speakers were selling services. It was like watching a TV infomercial. They were very upfront about it too. And still people flocked to the tables to buy when they were done speaking. It was amazing to witness.

I was clear on my reasons for being there and did not let the Fear of Loss or other sales tactics sway me, though a couple concepts were enticing. My husband understood my previous question by lunch time.

Are you aware of the motivations of others as you move through life?

  1. There is a Need for more Female Speakers

Bethenny Frankel was really incredible. I loved hearing her story. Because I’m not that into pop culture, I knew very little about her. Her drive and her hustle were inspiring. She seemed open, honest and vulnerable.

Two of my favorite things she shared were:

  1. The Million Dollar Pee mentioned above.
  2. “You gotta know when to Hold ‘em and Know when to fold ‘em.” Oh Yeah I was singing some Kenny Rogers in my head through the morning...”Know when to walk away, Know when to run”

DISCERNMENT it’s a great skill to cultivate. That’s the reason I’m such a big fan of Self Care over Self Help. It’s so much easier to listen to your inner voice and trust what is best for you, when you take good care of yourself, you become more grounded in your own truth. You are not as easily swayed by what the crowd is doing when you know yourself and trust yourself. Do you fully trust yourself?

Aside from Ms. Frankel every Speaker in that 12 hour marathon were men. The men were great, but hearing from more women would have been really cool too!

  1. Commitment, Work Ethic and Love of the Game are Keys to Success

For the record, I’m not a big football fan. I don't typically enjoy watching football on TV, so guess what? I don’t. I also don't naysay those who do. If watching Football is your thing, go for it. My husband and some of our kids really enjoy it. So my kids could not understand why I was so excited to hear Tom Brady Speak. One of them was even surprised I knew who he was. Really? As mentioned, I’m not super into pop culture, but how can you not know who the guy is and appreciate what you can learn from him?

The Boston Hometown crowd was electrified when Tony Robbins Introduced Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. It was the only thing I video recorded that day. It was so fun to experience the audience’s sheer delight of being in their presence.

Here is what I got from the interview

They worked hard.

They were committed.

They learned from those who came before them.

They learned from their mistakes.

They learned from their coaches.

They PRACTICED...long, hard, repeatedly over and over and over.

They committed to mastery.

Even though they have won Super Bowls, they go back and practice repeatedly.

When Tom Brady Said he “LOVED to play Football”, his whole body radiated that love for the game. Loving what you do is a huge ingredient for success.

“Never Give Up”. Just as there is a time to sing some Kenny Rogers and act that out, there are also the times when you know in your gut to never give up and do your best no matter what. And when you think you’ve given something your all, you know it’s still not time to quit. Mindset is the most critical factor. Push your edge and Go For It. You may not always win the Superbowl, but there is always victory in giving every ounce of your being to something you are passionate about.

Are you ready to master your energy? Your mindset? Your emotions?

  1. Motion Shifts Emotions

I learned this the hard way in my life and in one of the coaching schools I attended. I was really resistant. It can be so easy to wallow in our shit and get lost in the murky mire, especially when you let yourself become physically stagnant.

The fastest way to change our energy is through our physiology. It is not the only way, but is one of the fastest ways. You gotta move your body. It is so powerful. Tony Robbins drove that home throughout the four hours we had with him. He did not just tell you, he created an atmosphere where you experienced it. It was really cool to see my husband laugh and smile and get into that a bit. It truly shifted his energy in such a way that me telling him or even modeling that for him, could not. I felt it begin to shift “us” as well.

  1. Your Body Knows, it has the answers

I was recently sharing this concept with a client, as I do with all my clients. She seemed skeptical over the weeks but our most recent session together something seemed to click and make sense for her. It is something I believe, not just from the teachings of others but my own experiences. When Tony touched upon that topic, I did not feel motivated. Rather I felt, home. I felt validated. I felt complete knowing that. The validation and commitment are much more intensely powerful for me than feeling motivated, isn’t it?

In order to tap into the wisdom of our body and of the greater mind, we have to develop self care practices. You know things like eating well, exercising, maybe even consider meditating... It's a game changer. Yet it is so much deeper than that. We need to set boundaries, be willing to experience new things, AND have an open mind and willing heart. We need to work on our inner game on many levels to be successful in business and in life. Don’t you agree?

  1. It’s All About about the Inner Game

Guru’s can guide, experts can instruct and inspire but External Motivation Fades. You must SHOW UP. You must do the work yourself if you want change. No one is coming to save you. No one is going to do it for you. Show up for yourself, every damn day. That is the secret sauce.

You wanna play? You gotta pay. The cost of admission is commitment, vulnerability and willingness. All lasting change happens from within. There certainly are external forces that can shift our lives but if you want something different, you must be willing to do something different. A little luck and a bit of magic will help us along. But hunger, hustle and honesty will fuel us and make us ready to go even further when luck and magic show up. What is it costing to not committing to yourself?

Know yourself.

Get brutally honest.

Get clear.

Stay hungry.

Build your inner strength.

Never give up on you and your desires.

When we pay, we pay attention. What are you willing to pay to create the life you crave?

  1. Success without Fulfillment is empty

There were a lot of sales pitches at the event. Honestly that part felt a bit empty, okay maybe even a little cheezy. But I just decided to take what I wanted and leave the rest. I let the juicy parts fill me.

That’s how it is in life. We need to fill ourselves up with good stuff and let go of the icky parts. If we don’t, even all the success in the world can feel bitter sweet. It’s about choosing joy no matter what life throws at you. It’s about discovering the lessons and gems in the shit storms of life instead of letting them bury you.

It’s about giving to others. It’s knowing that there is something bigger beyond just you out there, regardless of how you define it. It’s about appreciating others. It's appreciating and experiencing all the different flavors of life. Define what success means to you. Look internally instead of always seeking external validation. You may find fulfillment and success with taste all the sweeter. How fortunate are we, that we can choose all of that?

If you are ready to step further onto the self mastery path and are curious about more support and guidance along the way, I invite you to apply for a connection call with me.

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