Mind-Body Medicine & Shamanism for 21st Century Healing with Summer Bozohora


This episode of  The Kreatrix Energy Show features Summer Bozohora

I admire Summer's work in the world.   She is a Shamanic-Intuitive Mind Body Soul Healing Mentor, Mind-Body Therapist and Mentor, Community Builder, and Natural Vision Specialist.

Summer is also the author of "Soul-Side Out - Universal Laws to Healing and Living Your Best Life".  Her book is a Silver Winner in Self-help and Spiritual Categories in the 2021 Pacific Book awards!  Congratulations Summer.  I really loved your book and have given copies to another Shamanic Soul Sister of mine and someone special in my life.

Summer helps YOU heal from the INside-OWT bridging Quantum Physics & Shamanism and has been doing her work for 25 years.  She is compassionate, soulful and I've been honored to get to know her and moderate with her and other gifted healers and guides in some rooms in her Club "The Shaman's Healing Sanctuary" on Clubhouse.

In this episode, Summer shares ~

  • Thoughts on Shamanism and how a Shaman walks with you.
  • Quantum Science and the "Quickening" that we are in right now, Instantaneous Healing and more.
  • Plus her own healing experiences, healing migraine headaches, vision challenges, and about a gash in her foot.

Here is a portion of the interview.

Watch the entire replay here on my WIN-WIN WOMAN Network show page.

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Until next time, Sending you so much love.




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