Sweet Surrender

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What would Courage have me do? Do you wish you had the clarity and confidence to make a change you feel a longing to make? But for some reason you hesitate and don’t?

I wonder if you are caught up in the doing of everything that needs to get done and ignoring the messages and signals your body is trying to give you, in all that doing though do you feel depleted? Resentful? Like you are on a hamster wheel going nowhere? You don’t have the clarity or confidence to make a change you feel a longing to make.

You probably already know you need to take a rest and stop. But you second guess it. You feel like you should keep pushing through to figure it out, whatever “it” even is. But what if you are unsure? not clear? or not trusting? Or wrong? Knowing you need to halt and shift but ignoring that call is stressful.

This can seem like a tricky grey area.. But really it does not have to be.

Sometimes the answer is simply to SURRENDER.

Have you considered that “Courage” is not telling you to do something in an action sort of way?

Maybe, just maybe it is urging you to let go of something.

Release it. Let it go. Stop. Get clarity around a situation so that when it is time to take the action step, you will be prepared to step out in ways that you can trust are for your highest good. Take a step back.

For example, earlier this year I was pushing to get my new website out. Engaging on social media and all that, because that’s what I felt I needed to do. But the tug at my heart was to step back.

I felt the urge to dance and be in nature. For me that looked more like walking outside, working in the garden, playing in the ocean, dancing in my kitchen. When I am doing those things I feel more grounded, more connected to my inner knowing, more in touch with the divine. It can appear that I am not doing anything productive.

By allowing myself to take a break for as long as I needed, I felt calmer and more creative! My whole family felt less stressed and we all were more peaceful. And guess what? my new website still happened. In it’s own time because I trusted the process, my process.

TRUST. A loaded word for some of us.

If you are anything like me, trusting has not always been easy. Not trusting myself, other people or in life in general. Shifting this pattern has been one of my great life lessons. If I am not grounded, I sometimes slip back into not trusting..

How do we trust when we have been hurt?

How do we shift out of fear into a place of faith and love?

How do we trust when the pain is deep, overwhelming and frustrating?

How do we just surrender?

When we do finally surrender and accept things as they are, not as we wish them to be, we feel more at ease and are given the clarity we seek. We begin to find peace.

Surrender instills peace. Surrender helps us define what our next action step is.

Practicing surrender can begin to feel so sweet. We can uplevel our practice with additional techniques and awareness.

Struggling or have questions around surrender? Reach out to me.

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