Alignment In Truth Sets Us Free

Recently I've been listening to some of the Channelings of Paul Selig. I find them very timely in my own life. They comfort, inspire and affirm my path of self-mastery, my spiritual path. 

My conscious choice to deliberately create a life that I crave. 

I want to share 3 Key takeaways that resonate deeply with me.


  1. “Energetic Accord, Trumps Free Will”

WOW. That is a shift in perspective that felt true in my entire being.  I speak about alignment and energy often.  But receiving the simplicity of that statement, I realized for myself that Alignment is the main key to feeling present and free.  While it's true that we do have free will,  the choices that we see before us look much different depending on the Paradigm we view the world. 

Paradigm-shifting is integral to my work. Einstein said we cannot solve a problem with the same mind that we created it with. On our path, we are constantly offered opportunities to release our unconscious programming. The choice to see the world through a different lens helps us reprogram our thoughts and rewire our nervous system.  

Choosing to be in alignment with truth can set you free.  It is a choice to live a guided and peaceful life. The calm that it brings to the ruminating mind is unparalleled.

His messages remind us to stop creating from fear. Stop creating from doubt. Stop creating from entitlement. Decide to replace what is in alignment with those vibrations to what is in alignment with truth.

How we recognize any of it is in alignment to the level of Light that we hold. The task is two-fold.

  1. Expand our light body so that we just “know” rather than “think”. 
  2. Walk away from anything that is no longer in agreement with the vibration we choose to hold.


2.  “The small self thinks, the true self knows”.  

I was programmed to be a thinker and became an overthinker.  I had the tendency to ruminate on thoughts, many of which did not serve my highest good. Can you relate?

Much of the work I have been led to do for myself and my clients has been an unlearning of that way of being. I became very deliberate or conscious of my desire to learn how to permanently release a deep level of anxiety I held within my being.

I have understood intellectually that the life I am living is a reflection of consciousness. I am the product of thought and the Paradigm I see the world.  Listening to Paul Selig Channel was affirming and validating.  I was remembering who I really am, and committed to myself to go deeper and expand that. I had to let go of my “lack of trust” Paradigm.  When I do, I am much less anxious and so much more at peace.

I am no longer repeating the untrusting, anxious and fearful patterns of my family of origin or the collective when I align with truth.  No more, end-of-day thoughts, no more waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I choose peace.  I chose a different vibration to be in alignment with.


3. “Disaster is replaced by the opportunity to realize God” 

I often share that I help people get out of their head and into their heart.  The heart is God. God, Soure, and Creator are all words for unconditional love. That is the vibration I desire. That was a massive Paradigm Shift for me.

The amplification of a vibration amplifies whatever it touches. What vibration are you?

The question we all want to know is HOW do we do this? How do we make these internal shifts to raise our vibration? How do we become a vibration? 


Prayer is the portal.

This simple prayer he channels has been added to my personal Altar.



His channelings invite us to intend for the vibrations of untruths to align our field to the vibration of truth. Trust that you are carried by the hand of truth.

“I am in change with all things,  I am in change as all things are.  I am in alignment to the changes that are required for my benefit and the benefit of all.”

To claim anything is to align with it.  What are you claiming for yourself today?

I am claiming truth, freedom and peace. And so it is.

In Light and Service,


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