Celebrate International Women's Day

I’m so honored to be a Show Host for WIN WIN Women! I’m also excited to be a part of the
111th celebration of International Women’s Day, accessible virtually on Saturday, March 5
and Tuesday, March 8, from 8:00am to 5:15pm EST, both days.

Our team at www.WINWINWomen.com - where my show can be seen live each and every week
(THE KREATRIX ENERGY SHOW, Every Saturday 12noon EST) - created the powerful 2022 International Women’s Day


When IWD was officially marked for the first time in 1911, more than one million people
celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland. Women demanded the right to vote,
to hold public office, and to have gender equality in the workplace.

IWD reached China in 1949, and spread throughout the US beginning in 1967. The United Nations recognized March 8th as
International Women’s Day in 1975, and also declared it “International Women’s Year”.
So, how are the 3.9 billion women living on this planet doing 111 years later, in 2022?
We have made significant advancements!

In most nations, women are healthier physically, mentally, and financially than in decades and centuries past.

Yet there is great progress still necessary because millions of women still endure horrific injustices on a daily basis.

We know that women WIN when they improve their lives, and experts WIN when they help
other women – and this is the mission of WIN WIN Women.

There are hundreds of thousands of women in nations worldwide who have powerful messages
to share with women and girls around the globe. And there are millions of women who are
seeking solutions that will continue to heal and help women today.


There has never been a better time in history for women worldwide to connect & collaborate.

Amazing technological advances make it possible for us to reach out to ALL
women and girls as we share our knowledge and expertise and help them elevate their lives.
And so, I offer an invitation to all women, everywhere… Let’s THRIVE together!

Join me and other WIN WIN Women Show Hosts and Speakers live

for these International Women’s Day Events, as we celebrate our progress and reach out to those who need our help –
those who are seeking solutions and yearning for happiness.

Come to www.InternationalWomensDay.org on March 5 and 8 for International Women’s Day,
as we hear inspiring speakers and discussions on how we can Thrive Together, going forward.

Learn how YOU can make a difference in women’s lives by joining WIN WIN Women and
becoming a Show Host in the future. CLICK HERE.

Join us as we Care, Connect, and Collaborate!

Much Love,



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