Heart, Soul & Source Featuring Kathryn Anne Esche

This episode of  The Kreatrix Energy Show "Heart Soul & Source" featuring Kathryn Ann Eshe was so fun!

OMG, Kathyrn is so animated and lovely, she even broke out in Light Language.  If you want to know what that is I encourage you to check out the episode.  We discussed heart energy, living your truth, and connection to source energy in whatever way you define that.

Kathryn Anne Eshe is a Heart and Soul Master

She guides leads and instructs people to live in OUR “greatest now ever”.

What I love and appreciate about Kathryn is that she just showed up in her truth and was unabashedly herself.   This is why in the work that I do.  I invite and guide you to Embody Kreatrix Energy. This energy supports you to show up fully as your true self, and as Kathryn so fabulously shares, "to live our greatest now ever"


Watch the replay of the entire episode  here on the WIN-WIN WOMAN Network on my show page.  

Kathryn is offering a FREE 22-minute reading... a mini Love & Light Language Session

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Until next time, Sending you so much love.