Build Better Boundaries Featuring Krista Resnick

This episode of  The Kreatrix Energy Show features Krista Resnick

Krista Resnick is a Master Coach, sought after speaker, mother to 3 adult-ish boys and two English Bulldogs.

She is a powerhouse of soul, fun, compassion, and vibrancy. Her honest and curious approach guides the women she serves in a way that is both real, true and supportive.

Krista's work empowers women to set healthy boundaries so they can get the space they need and connection they crave.

Her podcast-Permission Granted, has helped thousands of women across the globe. Krista is a walking permission slip, inspiring women to show up authentically and live a life that lights their soul on fire.


In this episode, Krista and I talk about~

Building Better Boundaries can seem like the Counterintuitive approach to healthy relationships and living a purposeFULL life.  The way Krista talks about her own experience and definition of boundaries, it is not really that counterintuitive but poignant and practical.

One of the first places to start with setting healthy boundaries is actually understanding what it is you need. This is what grounds the boundary into something foundational.  They help us create healthy relationships.

Cultivating Courage: Boundaries can feel challenging (we can also talk about WHY they feel so challenging), but when we cultivate our innate courage, we can ease our nerves a bit and set the boundary that we KNOW will help us to move forward in our life.

Here is a portion of the interview ~

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