Engaging Your Inner Spark feat. Lisa Hannigan

Do you have a fear of being vulnerable in promoting yourself?

Do you want to feel more confident to engage and shine your inner spark?

If You answered YES then tuning in to this chat is for you! Learn to Engage Your Inner SPARK!

This episode of  The Kreatrix Energy Show features Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan is the Founder of Glimmer Learning LLC, a company specializing in coaching for video and online speakers, and the creator of the show, “Engage & Shine!”on WIN WIN Women TV. She also offers full consultation services for virtual event planning to ensure success from all aspects of the speaking arena, including visual strategy, production, technology and more.

Lisa is a certified Master Trainer and Virtual Facilitator, bringing two decades of experience, tools, and techniques to her clients to teach them how to feel confident, be more engaging, and powerfully connect every time they speak. She says, "I believe we all have a spark that's ready to be lit!".

Lisa’s superpowers are Engagement & Powerful Connections! 

When she’s not working with clients to create the ultimate virtual experience, she is living life to its fullest with her husband, Mark. They love hanging by the pool in their beautiful Florida backyard, grilling some tasty food, or traveling to satisfy their craving to find their next favorite craft beer to add to their list. They are always sharing time with friends and family because they believe the more smiles and laughter in life the better.

In this episode, Learn about Lisa and her thoughts about ~

How is energy connected to speaking.

Her 4 Step process she walks her clients through.

Bring fun into something like speaking to make us feel less nervous.

I hope you love Lisa as much as I do.  She is so generous in spirit, and truly embodies connection and collaboration!


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HERE ARE 2 Ways to Order Lisa's first Book~ VOICES OF THE 21ST CENTURY: Caring Conscious Women Who Make a Difference

ORDER just the book

CHOOSE an Autographed Copy of Book & Special Session

DESCRIPTION: Embrace Lisa's belief that "We all have a spark that is ready to be lit," as she encourages you to make a choice about the lens in which you choose to view the world and the importance of sharing your message to inspire and uplift others. This offer also includes a 30-min session. In this session, you will learn one of Lisa's most used storytelling frameworks and walk away knowing how to create a story with connection and engagement to build your brand, grow influence, and convert clients.

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Until next time, Sending you so much love.




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