Personality to Purpose with Archetypes and Sacred Contracts feat. Sandra Orndorff 

Do You Ever Struggle with Knowing yourself?   

Or with making sense of things that have happened in your life?

Are you trying to figure out what your purpose is?

I know I have....that’s why I am so grateful for this conversation with Sandra Orndorff.  We dove into Personality to Purpose with Archetypes and Sacred Contracts.  KNow more about what makes you tick and how you can shift and stand in a more powerful presence.

This episode of  The Kreatrix Energy Show features Sandra Orndorff

Sandra Orndorff helps individuals see clearly their own Divine Story and how personality that is seen as a struggle is actually tied to their Power and Purpose. Sandra helps her clients release their struggles and see their life from a new perspective to allow Personality to Purpose. She does this through Embodiment, Energy, Enneagram, and the archetypes of their Sacred Contract.

Sandra answered some basic questions to help people new to this work

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Mirror Mirror What Do I See?

A few years back during a real, raw moment of impulsivity, I was schooled in the art of “mirrors”.  

There are theories and schools of thought that tell us that each person we meet shows us things about ourselves.  When someone triggers us, it is never about them, but about something we need to look at in our own self. They are mirroring something in ourselves that we need to see. The journey to master our energy and emotions is usually not smooth.

The People People We Encounter Offer of ChoicePoint Opportunities

I understood this concept in my head.  But until a particular situation showed up for me, I realized I had never fully owned it 100%. How did I finally understand it?  This personally activated me in a way that made me feel really horrible. 

I acted just like her. Disheartening, ugh. It was an emotionally charged situation. I showed up in a way I did not like and instantly regretted it. 

We Are All Human and We All Make Mistakes

Her behavior was not a mistake, it was how she showed up often.  But for me,  it felt like a mistake at the time.  I know now that I have that aspect inside of me, but I choose not to feed it. 

What I saw in her and how I responded offered me a choice.  I could beat myself up for the unbecoming behavior, I could ignore it, or I could intentionally change my own behavior. I chose the latter.

It works both ways. It’s not just what we don't like in someone or are triggered by. The same exists when we recognize the good, the beauties, and wondrous positive qualities we see in others.  These aspects too we must own. Weare these things we see also.

Mirror Mirror: A poem about Reflection and Growth

Mirror Mirror in every being

What is it that I am not seeing?

Mirror Mirror you don't just glow

You reflect the truth where few dare to go

Mirror Mirror You can be tricky

There are flashes of beauty jumbled in with the icky 

Mirror Mirror Let me truly see

The things I need to finally be free

Mirror Mirror Your truth is not always kind

But I do dare, so the gifts I find

Mirror Mirror thank you so

for without you, I could not grow


If you have any type of reflection practice or when you find yourself triggered by or in admiration of ....consider the sentiments in this poem.

Ask yourself, when you look in the mirror through another person~

As you catch glimpses of yourself in the mirrors of another soul, I encourage you to take moments to reflect to aid you on your journey of self-mastery.