The Gift of Grounded Confidence with the Enneagram featuring Sandra Orndorff

This episode of  The Kreatrix Energy Show with Sandra Orndorff was so delightful.

I adore Sandra and her grounded, soothing and powerful presence. I'm sure you'll love her as much as I do. Sandra Orndorff is a Certified Enneagram Coach & Embodiment Coach.  Sandra works with women to see a clear vision of their future by helping them Root into their Purpose while staying Grounded in the Present.

Many women lose their sense of self and confidence as they hold their own pain as well as the pain of a loved one.  Many feel as if pieces of themself need reclaiming to feel secure and whole.  Sandra helps women find the balance of a strong back and a soft heart to find their Authentic Voice, their Authentic Purpose, and their Embodied Grounded Confidence.  

Sandra and I moderate rooms together on Clubhouse. I have also worked with Sandra to discover my Enneagram Type and in her Soul Contracts program.  Not only is she a beautiful soul, but she is an amazing heartfelt teacher and coach.

In this episode, Sandra shares ~

Here is a portion of the interview.


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Until next time, Sending you so much love.




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